A relatively new venture, Deals Supermarket is a convenient store chain launched in early 2008, with initial focus to cater to the residents of Dubai Marina, Palm and JBR communities. The idea was to be different from the run of the mill grocery shops by providing and paying special attention to quality, hygiene and farm fresh products. What began as a standalone outlet in Al Fattan Tower in Dubai Marina,now has another outlet in Al Barsha. The success of the first 2 stores has forced the management to envisage and pursue plans to expand and grow into a chain of convenient stores throughout UAE.Armed with the resounding success of the first 2 outlets, it is only a matter of time before Deals Supermarket LLC becomes a friendly neighborhood convenient store in all residential communities of UAE within a short period of time.

Deals supermarket is committed to our mission; To be a successful, well laid, clean and customer friendly edible & non edible retailer, in UAE with ambitions to expand farther into GCC and beyondand with special attention to provide our customers with high quality, fresh and hygiene products!


To assure that we deliver what we state, a checklist that guides us at every level is meticulously maintained and religiously followed everyday to ensure smooth operation of our business.

Dear Friends!!

It is said that what got you here wont get you where you need to be in the coming years, one needs to domore than what one has till date with a deeper commitment to excellence. To be practical and realistic no one can ever say that his journey in a business environment is complete as it is very dynamic and keeps evolving every moment…the longer the journey, the tougher it gets and even more tougher to sustain and stay ahead. In short the journey is never complete. I am truly honored and grateful to have an excellent team of dedicated professionals who have helped and assisted me to be a part and pursued me to remain on the landscape of retail industry.


As I look back, it fills me with great pride to be a part of this growth story. With this pride and rejuvenated enthusiasm, I step ahead into new opportunities and growth with an intention and unflinching focus to position Deals Supermarket as one of the leading players in the industry


Keeping in view of the competitive environment, our management team has channelized all its professional expertise and resources to develop a new customized level of purchase and inventory solutions - delivering the highest quality products at the most reasonable price. With our new 'PURE, FRESH, QUALITY' mantra, we have devised a solution for inventory bottlenecks, ensuring the delivery of fine quality products to our consumers. As a constant endeavor to improve our warehousing & logistics, we have acquired and built a 200,000 sqft state of the art facility in Dubai Industrial City to ensure that we stay ahead in delivering what we have committed to our customers.


With every step, we have moved closer to our mission of developing the Deals chain, thus creating value for our patrons and the region we thrive in. Today, it is easy to talk about these achievements more because they are visible. With every change we make, we hope to give you, as a consumer, a better experience, where you feel the ease of shopping from the first item you pick up till you walk out of the store. By improving our services and making our model more versatile, we create reasons for you to keep coming back and enjoy a redefined shopping experience.


We believe in measuring new ideas with experience. So as we walk bravely and briskly to keep up with the changing business environment, we also pause to reflect, analyze, rationalize and readdress the rules framed earlier to fit the need and requirement of the industry as it evolves.


We at Deals understand the customer sentiments more than anyone else and take special care to provide what it takes to give optimum satisfaction. We also are aware that the landscape of retail shopping is fast changing and given this dynamic environment, we are more than prepared to take retailing to a different level. While our competitors view the evolution in retail industrywhere E-tailing is fast becoming the buzzwordand as a challenge, we at DEALS look at it as an opportunity. Our professional IT team is already on the job to provide you with a Never Before experience in ONLINE shopping. The effort is to make shopping for our customers a joyful, healthy and pleasurable experience. As envisaged, we promise that DEALS team will explore every dimension and it shall be our relentless endeavor to make it a reality for our customers who are the ultimate for us!!




Bhavesh Gokal